Eeeeeeeeeeek November 1st already and next month will be the last month in 2009. I must say that this year flew by. The last part of last week has been hectic, I had sprays tans on Thursday(3 people), Friday(5 people) and 3 people on Saturday but I'm not complaining because I made $435 including tips. Woohooo......then I had to study for a marketing test which was due by Saturday and then on top of that I was trying to get the house organized but because studying for my test was more important I kinda put the house organizing to the side. I'm glad that's over with cuz now I can breathe and just concentrate on organizing the house and givie it a deep clean and rake the leaves in the front and back yard. So today is gonna be the day of cleanning and organizing. Fun.

Last night I didn't get dressed up for Halloween, I was just too tired from everything. I had a costume which was a Safari one but my body said for me to just stay home, relax and pass out candy. I had like 4 differents kinds of candy but our neighborhood was dead, we had like maybe 15 trick or treaters. There was a small dog dressed up as a French Maid, so cute. 

Ok.....time get my day started and do some cleaning.

10-14-09---Good Ol Big Bear!

Okay Tuesday was quite intense, kinda. Here are home it was rainy and cold which I love while being at home. Well yesterday(Tuesday) Marco and I had to go to Big Bear to pick up the boat. It was about 3:30pm and on the way up there it was soooooooooooo foggy that the visibility was pretty much down to like 1 where you can only see the road infront of you. You couldn't see outside around you due to the thick fog, and it was rainy a little bit. We drove like 15 miles an hour all the way up there which is about an hour drive. Me, I was knida freaking out because I was afraid of deer or rocks all of a sudden getting infront of us or not being able to see the road at all. But we made it up there at about 4:30pm. It was very cold at 43 degrees, windy, and rainy. We talked to the owner of the boat and he was cool. He knocked off $100 from the boat so we only $400 as is. The thing is that we needed trailer lights for the trailer it came with because the lights on it were broken so we went down the street to Napa Auto Parts and bought some. We had to be quick about it because due to the weather there, the daylight was quickly going away. So when we got back, the owner of the boat and Marco were setting up the lights to work and then we all went outside to put them on. They worked as far as blinker and hazards but when you step on the brake in the car, the trailer lights would go off. It was a mystery and we tried to figure out why but it was quickly getting dark, the temperature was getting colder and the wind and rain was getting harder. So we told the owner that it would be best to come back on Wednesday at noon(today) to pick it up. Hopefully the weather will be somewhat better, but we'll see. Now I really do love weather like that but only when I'm inside. So today is another day for the boat.


Yipppeeeeeeeee!!!!!! We finally got another car after my Toyota Solara was totaled. A week later from that fiasco Marco and I went car shopping......for him. I figured that since he is tall(small torso and long legs) he can get a car that fits him and roomy for him and I'll keep his Matrix. He agreed so we went out shopping and after looking and looking and then more looking, we bought a Buick Rainier(at a very cheap price and low miles)which is a small suv that looks like a Chevy Trailblazer. It's perfect for him and he can stretch out his legs. I figure the Matrix is perfect for me because it's a 4 door and a hatchback, so it's easy to put my tanning equipment in it. And it has a sun roof which is cool. We're happy campers though. We shopped around for a car but kinda was in a hurry to get one because what if I ended up getting a job, then I would have no transportation and with one car it can be done but is quite hard. As far as the Toyota goes, the insurance company is paying it off which means I get a tiny check for $249 after they pay off my car. Woohoo!


Well, I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company stating that my car is a total loss which means they write me a check for what my car is worth market value and with that money my damaged car gets paid off, then I have to go car shopping and get another car. Gotta luv all of this. NOT! You get into a car accident, it's not your fault, your car is totaled and you have to get another car. What a huge headache, to be honest I really didn't need to deal with this but time to just deal with it and get another car. I loved my Solara, it ran great and nothing was wrong with it. grrrrrr.........


My weekend was somewhat on the sad side. I was trying to prevent this from happening but it just couldn't be stopped. I had to give Haylie to a good home. I sold her to make sure she gets a good home. I interviewed her new owner and he seemed really nice and like Haylie alot so I was happy there but sad because she had to go. Her and our other dog Dutches would get into doggie fights here and there. We'd separate them but but somehow that didn't stop them, there was still tension between them. Haylie would be the first one to start it though. I didn't want to take a chance of one of them getting severely hurt so I thought about it and ended up giving Haylie to a good home. The really sad part was Haylie and Ollie were very close to one another so separating them was hard. So now we have just 2 dogs Ollie and Dutches and as of now Ollie seems to be happy still without Haylie and Dutches seems to be way less grumpy, she doesn't growl much anymore.  I've been training Ollie for the Dachshund races for this Sunday, he's almost there in speed.


What a Tuesday morning. I just got back from taking my 3 1/2 hour Communications Dispatcher Trainee test which was very hard. It consist of almost 300 questions in all. It was broken up though by 11 little tests which were anywhere from 15 to 60 questions and they were all timed. I did my best on the test and because it was timed like some of the tests of 15 questions you had 5 minutes to finish it so you really had to rush but out of the whole test I left like 6 questions blank, ran out of time. Alot of reading which took up a lot of time, matching codes and addresses which was fun but not when it was timed. And the last part was multi-tasking so you had to do 2 things at one time. I'm good at multi-tasking but not when its timed.

After the test I went to Mt. San Antonio College to pick up my transcript and then went to Orange Coast College to drop them off. I could of have my transcript mailed to Orange Coast but I rather make sure it gets there. Now I am home chillin and it's 4pm. I feel in a baking mood, think I'll bake some cupcakes today.

Last night I found out that the Wiener National Dachshund Races are this Sunday at the Old World Village in Huntington Beach. I raced Ollie in it a few years back and he won 2nd place. I plan on racing him again for this Sunday which I feel he can do it because he's a pretty fast little guy, eventhough he's 9 years old and has cancer in his lower gums he's still in good health and is fast. I asked the vet about racing him because knowing Ollie has cancer it probably wouldn't be good for him but the vet said as long as he is in good health and is still active then it's okay, just don't over do it. So I have the okay to race my little man. It's when Ollie stops eating and being active is when I have to worry, he's so spunky now I hope the cancer doesn't take over him. Haylie now, I'd like to race her but there is no way she will be ready by this Sunday to race, she gets too distracted by people so I have to work with her. It should be fun though.


Wow! I haven't posted on here in a long time mainly because I have been so busy lately and when I am not busy and am home my brother in law is on the computer. It's all good though. I have seemed to have 3 dogs now, Dutches(Jack Russel), and Haily & Ollie(minature dachshunds). My dad decided that the dog I gave him(Ollie) that use to be mine was better off with me considering Ollie has lower gum cancer. The only reason that I gave Ollie to him was because when I got married and moved out I didn't want my dad to be alone and wanted him to have a companion since he plays with Ollie alot. But now since Ollie has lower gum cancer and the vet said there is nothing we can do about except let the little guy live his life to the fullest my dad gave him back to me. So now we have 3 dogs, thank God they are tiny. Besides Ollie having lower gum cancer, he is in good health. It sucks though because the only teeth he has is his 4 upper and 4 lower canines(the long teeth). Because of that I have  to make his dry food soft by soaking it in hot water so it's easier for him to eat it but at times I do catch him eating dry food not soft. I'll admit Im very glad that the cancer has not taken a toll on Ollie, the vet said that we will know when it has because he will then stop eating and being active and as of now he eats regular and is very active. He runs, chases his ball and loves walks and he loves Haily too. It's funny because the other day I weighed my cat and she weighs 11 pounds, yeh she is big. She is the weight of Ollie and Haily put together. lol.

Last week, May 12 on Tuesday I had to go apply for financial aid at school. I woke up at 6:20am and left my house at 6:45am due to traffic to get there at 8am. I got there 10 minutes early and the traffic was hardly any. I filled out what I could but had to reschedule because I needed to make copies of my unemployment pay stubs and Marco's paycheck. So I rescheduled for today at the same time 8am. Once again, I woke up at 6:20am and left at 6:45am and the traffic sucked. I didn't make it on time to school so I had to call and reschedule for next Tuesday on the 26th. This time I'm leaving the house at 6:15am to be on the safe side. 

When I got home today, I applied for more jobs online but there weren't much in my field to apply for so I applied for Customer Service and Receptionist. I usually go to www.indeed.com because they show all kinds of jobs posted from other job sites like Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, etc. I'll check later on tonight to see if any new jobs have been posted. I did apply for a Computer Operator job in Burbank about 3 weeks ago, I found them on Craigslist. It's with Entertainment Partners, they do accounting and payroll for the motion picture studios like Fox, Warner Bros., MGM, Sony, etc. The day I applied I got a call back right away and made an appointment for an interview on a Friday. Talk about fast results. I went on my interview and in my opinion I aced it. I must of because they called me back for a second interview which was last week Monday May 11th and I believe I aced that one too. So 2 days later I called for a Status on the position and she said that I am still being considered but the manager still wants to interview a couple more people then she will have a decision by the end of the week or early next week.  I am sooooooooooo hoping I get this job because 1, it's in my field and 2 there are 2 open positions one swing(2pm-10:30pm) and one grave(10:30pm-6am) Since my last job was a swing/graveyard shift(6:30pm-3:am) Im okay with having a full graveyard shift. At this point though I am very ok with a graveyard shift because like I said before this particular position is in my field and I would love it if I can get back in it since it has been a very very long time since I was a computer operator.  I'm praying God grants me that job so I can worry and stress less. It's 2:04pm and I just called for a status on the postion and she said the one position(the swing shift) has been filled and there are some really good candidates but I am still being considered. I am hoping and praying I get it. I'll admit I am blessed for what He has given me and bringing me clients every week for airbrush tanning but now I want and have been wanting a full time job where I can succeed and move up in the world.

Speaking of moving up in the world, while I was working on my financial aid for school, I was checking to see how many classes I need in order to graduate with an AS/BS joint degree. I need 1 class from area C(Arts), 3 math classes(Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Tirgonomentary) and about 6 computer classes. Woohoo! Almost there at the end of school. I've decided to go back in Fall in August and get as many classes in considering that I don't have a full time job and have the free time. I can work around my Airbrush tanning bussiness schedule and I can still look for a full time job. But I'm going to try to get my classes online so that way if I do get a full time job it won't interfere with my job. I'm excited.

I purchased the book sTORI Telling by Tori Spelling. A client of mine has it and said it is really good so I decided to by it on half.com, got it cheap too for $8.43 total for the hard cover and in very good condition.  

Ok, I need to go wash the doggies now.


This weekend was exciting. On Saturday MArco and I spent Valentines Day together, exchanged gifts and then went to Circut City to buy a camera. My current Kodak camera fried and since Circut City is going out of business we decided to go see what they have in cameras. We got lucky finding another Kodak camera with more pixels and features than my old one, and for a good price. Quite a romantic way to spend Valentines Day. On Sunday  I went to a Scrapbooking Expo with my friend Kama, her mom, and her two daughters and it was quite fun. There were two buildings with different booths related to scrapbooking. I bought a few supplies that I thought would be good for card making since I don't buy anymore cards for birthdays, etc. I think its way more personal to make them myself. Some of the booths there had Make & Takes which is where you pay a small fee like $1 to $5, you make something and then you can keep what you made. I made a bookmark for a $1 which I thought came out pretty neat. I bought another scrapbook for $5 which I didn't like the cover but no worries I can recover it, so I'm gonna work on that soon. Monday was quite exciting. I got a call from a staffing agency saying that I qualify for a job opportunity, my heart started pounding because I haven't been working in 5 months and the job is in my field. The agent told me where I would be working at which is St. Josephs Hospital in the City of Orange and what hours I would be working, I was excited. She said that she is going to email my resume to the company and get back to me as soon as they give her an answer, I can't wait. So say a prayer that I get this job.  Then I got a call from a potential client for an airbrush tan for this Thursday and an email from another potential client for an airbrush tan. So I'm excited for that. Then I went and ran errands in the pouring rain. Talk about down pours but I can't complain because we need it badly. In the mid day the weather started to clear up with just a few showers here and there. I must say it was a good day. 

Ok, back to getting stuff done.

The bookmark I made.


I can't believe it's almost Thursday. Last Sunday Marco, his brother Jack and his wife Vanessa and I went to Kamas house to ride the horses. Kama recently got out of the hospital, she was in there for removing one of her kidneys. So now she is out of comission on riding her horses so I told her that Marco and I will do it and if possible some of his family. She was quite happy for that knowing that her horses will get exercise. So the four of us went last Sunday and took all four horses out. They were all good horses and we went on a atleast 2 hour ride. We even stopped at Circle K for drinks, funny enough the horses wanted what we were drinking. So halfway on our way home Feo, the horse that I was riding started acting up. He started getting a cocky attitude with me. If you've been riding horses very long then you can easily tell their moods. Well, he started putting his head down like he was gonna charge at something and started side gaiting. That was funny riding a horse sideways. So then he wanted to run and I let him run and get it out of his system, I understand he hasn't been out for three weeks. After a few minutes of running with him I made him walk but he didn't want to, he seemed anxious to run home and horses usually do that when they know they are going home. So I made him do circles but he resisted, he became more antsy. So I ran him again and everyone else was watching while I try to get this horse under control. Since Kama wasn't with us Feo was testing me to see what he can get away with  so after getting him under control Marco told me that we needed to go up a small hill to go back home. We started going and Feo Crow Hopped and I ended up falling off him, mind you I was riding on a bareback pad not a saddle. I usually ride on a bareback pad and not a saddle because I'm use to it and never had a problem up until now. So luckily I fell on soft dirt and when I fell off I was trying to make sure I got out of Feo's way so he won't trample me, I managed and got right back up. I banged my knee and arm but no biggie. Feo ending up running away and I tried to catch him but he ran further so I stopped chasing him and hoped he would come back to us. He did and I caught him. When Feo ran from me, Storm the horse Jack was riding wanted to join Feo in on the fun and started to get somewhat antsy and made Jack jump off him but Jack managed to calm him down. So yeah, I got back on Feo and he started to get antsy again so I got back off and walked him home. We were pretty much almost home so it was cool. I knew he was testing me and well he won. I guess next time I have to be more firm with him. All in all it was fun. That very night though my leg that got banged up hurt pretty bad where I was limping but I still managed to get around. It feels a lot better now.

Today  I finally got my own website going. I was on a 14 day trial with Site Skins. I shopped around for other website hosting but Site Skins won my business and they are cheap. For $7.54 a month I get 5 pages, I can add music and pictures. That's all I really need for my airbrush tanning website. I wanted to pay them all up front for the whole year but they take out that small amount from my bank every month. I also purchased a domain name for $9.95 a year, I'm excited. So now I have my own website. www.paradiseairbrushtanning.com It's pretty much done but I'm tweaking it here and there, it's fun.

Ok, time for bed.