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Yipppeeeeeeeee!!!!!! We finally got another car after my Toyota Solara was totaled. A week later from that fiasco Marco and I went car shopping......for him. I figured that since he is tall(small torso and long legs) he can get a car that fits him and roomy for him and I'll keep his Matrix. He agreed so we went out shopping and after looking and looking and then more looking, we bought a Buick Rainier(at a very cheap price and low miles)which is a small suv that looks like a Chevy Trailblazer. It's perfect for him and he can stretch out his legs. I figure the Matrix is perfect for me because it's a 4 door and a hatchback, so it's easy to put my tanning equipment in it. And it has a sun roof which is cool. We're happy campers though. We shopped around for a car but kinda was in a hurry to get one because what if I ended up getting a job, then I would have no transportation and with one car it can be done but is quite hard. As far as the Toyota goes, the insurance company is paying it off which means I get a tiny check for $249 after they pay off my car. Woohoo!

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