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Eeeeeeeeeeek November 1st already and next month will be the last month in 2009. I must say that this year flew by. The last part of last week has been hectic, I had sprays tans on Thursday(3 people), Friday(5 people) and 3 people on Saturday but I'm not complaining because I made $435 including tips. Woohooo......then I had to study for a marketing test which was due by Saturday and then on top of that I was trying to get the house organized but because studying for my test was more important I kinda put the house organizing to the side. I'm glad that's over with cuz now I can breathe and just concentrate on organizing the house and givie it a deep clean and rake the leaves in the front and back yard. So today is gonna be the day of cleanning and organizing. Fun.

Last night I didn't get dressed up for Halloween, I was just too tired from everything. I had a costume which was a Safari one but my body said for me to just stay home, relax and pass out candy. I had like 4 differents kinds of candy but our neighborhood was dead, we had like maybe 15 trick or treaters. There was a small dog dressed up as a French Maid, so cute. 

Ok.....time get my day started and do some cleaning.

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