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lilsurferbaby's Journal

Life in Southern Cali.
30 March 1975
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Hey all you cool people out there my name is Taryn and Im 32yrs. A lot of people tend to call me T LO; Im sure you can figure out why. I am proud to say that I am a FOAM One Girl. I've helped out with Foam representing them during special events and love it. The beach is my favorite place and surfing is one of my passions; surfing at Huntington Beach south side of the pier is my fav but I tend to venture south of the beaches also. I have a wonderful handsome husband named Marco who I love soooo much and who means the world to me, he's my best friend.(Love you baby, forever and ever) I feel blessed having him in my life and spending time with him. I believe in treat others like you'd like to be treated. I have respect for all people unless you give me a reason not to. I believe that individuality is key and change is inevitable.

I like being challenged, solving puzzles and problems(being made to think and to be given new things to think about is always a good thing.) I love learning new things in life cuz I don't want to be closed minded. I like to experience what other cultures have to offer. I am fascinated by art of all kinds. I like to think of myself as a faithful person. I think it is easy to have faith in people and in things when times are easy. It is when you pray and hope for something to work out and it doesn't, then you question yourself "what are you doing wrong that is preventing this?" I believe that is the test of faith. To have true faith is to be able to withstand the test of time, to trust that God has it all laid out. Perhaps what you want may not be what is right for you in your life. I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

I love outdoor activities and I like being domesticated too. Im very spontaneous and outgoing.(I'm always down for doing fun stuff) I like to be adventurous, getting lost and finding adventures on the way is always fun. I also like meeting new people. I consider myself artistic, creative and crafty. Hey what can I say Im an Aries and that pretty much explains itself. I feel that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and Im very motivated. I love laughing, having fun, and smiling!! I tend to do that alot and I have a wild sense of humor and like making people laugh.